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For over 38 years, we have been offering uncompromising janitorial service to prestigious buildings across Canada. Our Commitment to delivering the finest level of quality service has allowed us to broaden our service, and build long lasting relationships with Building Owner and Managers.

Over the past 30 years, we have expanded to serve the following Industries:









Day Cleaning is an innovative cleaning approach which transitions an evening cleaning program to the daytime. Rather than being “out of sight, out of mind”, occupants see the cleaning staff at work. This increased visibility improves tenant satisfaction regarding cleaning as the cleaning staff become part of the building service delivery team rather than unknown individuals being in the office space after the tenants have left.


Environmental Benefits

While bright lights make for an attractive night skyline, have you ever wondered how much energy is wasted lighting up empty office space? By adopting a Day Cleaning program, buildings reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy usage during the evening hours. • Lowers Energy Consumption & Greenhouse gas emissions • Reduces light pollution • Minimized impact on nature

Optimized Cleaning Service

High priority areas such as kitchens, lunchrooms, reception areas, washrooms, lobbies and meeting rooms are thoroughly cleaned daily as well as more frequent patrol cleaning. Tenant requests/concerns can be addressed immediately rather than waiting until the following day to see if it was completed. Day Cleaners are more productive as they see what the tenant sees rather than relying on building lights at night as well as every occupant becomes an informal supervisor, keeping Day staff focused all day.

Improved Tenant Security

Tenants with specific security requirements can have limited-access areas easily accommodated. A Day Cleaning program alleviates the problematic scheduling of service since the cleaning hours are now regular business hours. With no after hours access required, there are fewer issues with secured doors being left unlocked.

Enhanced Tenant Relationships

With Day Cleaners working alongside building tenants, there is more personal interaction, increasing trust and respect in the workplace. Cleaning staff are no longer viewed as members of an invisible workforce but as an integral part of the building’s professional community.

Day Cleaner Benefits

Day Cleaning offers full-time jobs and better working hours for cleaning staff, making Day Cleaners more productive than a typical evening cleaner who also works elsewhere during the day. This contributes to having a cleaning staff with higher morale and job satisfaction, which directly contributes to better customer service.


At Hallmark Housekeeping Services, we are committed to providing building owners and occupants with a safer, healthier building environment. It has become our priority to implement products and procedures that lessen the impact on the environment. In 2004, Hallmark Housekeeping Services implemented our We Clean Green™ program by promoting the use of Environmentally Responsible Products and Procedures with our clients. Since this introduction, Hallmark has led the janitorial industry in implementing the very latest in Green Cleaning Technology in the Canadian market.


Since it’s founding, Hallmark Housekeeping has been on the cutting edge of the industry. When a problem is encountered a solution is found. If there is a way to do something better we adapt. We believe that innovative products are key to providing our customers with the highest level of service. At Hallmark we strive to stay current by observing trends in the industry and by communicating with our suppliers on the latest products and technologies.




The LotusPro system uses advanced Aqueous Ozone technology to create an effective anti-bacterial cleaner out of just water. Ozone can safely be used on any surface and can remove up to 99% of all germs and bacteria from non-porous surfaces. Aqueous Ozone can be used on multiple surfaces, from the bathroom sink to an office carpet and is safer and less damaging than chemical cleaners such as chlorine bleach. The Lotus Pro meets the standards of our We Clean Green™ program.


Kitchen & Dish Services

We offer a wide variety of kitchen services that can be performed on a flexible schedule. When you need help collecting and washing dishes or cleaning refrigerators, microwaves, coffee makers, sink or cupboards, Hallmark Housekeeping Services is the one to call.

Carpet Maintenance Program

Our carpet maintenance program consists of a wide variety of services such as shampoo bonnet and steam cleaning. We can customize a schedule to suit your needs and preserve the life of your carpeting.

Pressure Washing Services

Don't let dirt and grime lower the appearance of your entrances and parking lots at your facilities. Let Hallmark Housekeeping Services improve your professional image with pressure washing surface cleaning, removing dirt, gum, oil stains, grease, and much more.

Day Porter and Matron Services

For duties such as restocking refrigerators, making coffee at appointed times or having someone assist with supply deliveries, you can count on Hallmark Housekeeping Services to provide you with efficient staff for all your service needs.

Special Projects

Planning a move? Reorganizing the office? Preparing for a special function? Let us provide you with helpful, experienced staff to ensure that all your requirements are met.

Surface Sanitation

A proactive approach to minimizing the impact influenza and other illnesses have in your facility. By either enhancing your current services to prioritize daily sanitization or completing a deep cleaning when someone in your office is sick, Surface Sanitization can help keep your office healthy.

Emergency Cleaning Services

Have a problem that needs cleaning right away? Whether it's flood, fire, snow, burglary or any other emergency, our cleaning services are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can count on Hallmark Housekeeping Services staff to work quickly and efficiently.


For major and/or on-going cleaning jobs that result from construction or pre-occupancy requirements, Hallmark Housekeeping Services can provide labour on a short term or on-going basis.

Floor Care Programs

High traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways often require additional care. Whether its sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, waxing or buffing, our staff will help you with these areas and maintain their attractive look and shine.