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By Philip Clementino |

22 Apr : Earth Day 2022: Creating a Sustainable Future at Hallmark

In honour of Earth Day 2022, we’re sharing our stance on green cleaning and the steps we’ve taken to create a sustainable future. After all, it’s up to all of us to protect our planet, and commercial cleaning is no exception. Earth Day may be…

By Philip Clementino |

31 Mar : Why Your Property Needs Pressure Washing Today

Is your home or business looking a bit dingy these days? You may follow a strict cleaning schedule of sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting, but the outside needs love, too. The solution you’re looking for, even if you don’t know it yet, is routine pressure…

By Philip Clementino |

30 Mar : Preparing your Floors for the Spring Season

Spring provides a great opportunity for you to improve the look of your home, office or building. Starting from the ground up, your floors are often the windows into your space, so it’s important to take the time to prepare them and keep them clean….

By Philip Clementino |

17 Dec : October 2nd – National Custodian Recognition Day

October 2nd is National Custodian Recognition Day. This day acknowledges and values the work that takes place behind the scenes to keep facilities clean and safe.  This year, we wanted to show our appreciation to all our front-line staff for their daily hard work and dedication…