By Philip Clementino | | December 17, 2019

October 2nd – National Custodian Recognition Day

October 2nd is National Custodian Recognition Day. This day acknowledges and values the work that takes place behind the scenes to keep facilities clean and safe.  This year, we wanted to show our appreciation to all our front-line staff for their daily hard work and dedication in maintaining the facilities we service.

In recognition of National Custodian Day, Hallmark Housekeeping Services launched a contest for all our front-line staff in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia for a chance to win a $150 gift card. We are happy to report that 15 custodians were awarded a prize this year. In order to participate, staff were asked, why they enjoy working for Hallmark. We received an outstanding amount of entries, of which we are happy to share a few responses:

“Hallmark is a great company with great values. The company’s support for its employees is amazing, and the rights and benefits are also really good. All the company employees are really nice to each other and amongst all the workers there is a lot of love. Hallmark is an amazing company.”

“Hallmark is a good company with a good management. I get to work with a great staff and always have the opportunity to meet new people. My supervisor/manager is also very understanding, well organized and ready to help his staff whenever needed. I really enjoy working with Hallmark”

“I absolutely enjoy working for hallmark, I’m treated well, I’ve absolutely no complaints at all, I consider myself lucky to have great management who respects me and my coworkers, looking forward to another 17 years, God willing”

We are happy to award the following front-line staff winners of this year’s contest:

Oliver Santiago – Toronto, ON

Ana Andrade – Toronto, ON

Keith Dos Santos – Toronto, ON

Patricia Meza – Toronto, ON

Josefina Canlas – Toronto, ON

Elizabeth Leal – Toronto, ON

Alissa Pereira – Toronto, ON

Evangelia Sotiriou – Toronto, ON

P r Junior Raymond – Ottawa, ON

Adebola Oderinde – Ottawa, ON

Shaheen Jeanlouis – Ottawa, ON

Kevin Simard – Ottawa, ON

Baljit Kaur – Calgary, AB

Par Tin Sung – Calgary, AB

Minda Buquis – Edmonton, AB